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Americans Who Fought For Jihad

From The New York Times:

They walked parallel paths to trouble, never graduating from high school and racking up arrests. They converted to Islam around the same time and exalted their new faith to family and friends, declaring that they had found truth and certainty. One after the other, both men abandoned their American lives for distant battlefields.

Today, both are dead. While their lives ended five years and over 2,000 miles apart, their intertwined journeys toward militancy offer a sharp example of how the allure of Islamist extremism has evolved, enticing similar pools of troubled, pliable young Americans to conflicts in different parts of the world. The tools of online propaganda and shadowy networks of facilitators that once beckoned Mr. Kastigar and Somali men to the Horn of Africa are now drawing hundreds of Europeans and about a dozen known Americans to fight with ISIS, according to American law enforcement and counterterrorism officials.

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Terrorism Hits Sweden

A Muslim terrorist blew himself up in a Swedish shopping center yesterday.

Here is the Reuters report.

TT said the letter promised attacks over Sweden’s presence in Afghanistan, where it has 500 troops with the U.S.-led NATO force, and the cartoons drawn three years ago by Lars Vilks.

Vilks, the target of several attacks, told Reuters Television he was safe and was getting used to being a target.

“Sweden is panicking of course because this has never been the case before that you have an act of terrorism directed toward the public, and this will of course create fear in Sweden,” he said in an interview.

Now we will see the resolve of the Swedish government. Will they bow to a culture stuck in the 5th century or will they double their efforts to eradicate the enemy.

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