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Sweden Looking for Possible Russian Sub in its Coastal Waters

From Yahoo:

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US Army To Purchase Swedish 84mm Recoil-less Rifle

Read the full article at Small Arms Defense Journal:

Saab has been awarded a contract for the supply of additional Carl-Gustaf portable weapon systems and ammunition to the U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM).  The new deal is worth $25.8m and follows the previous $31.5m one secured by the company in December 2011 for the delivery of 126 systems to the command for use in Afghanistan.

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Army Orders New Weapon For the Afghan Theater

According to Gear Scout the US Army has ordered new 84mm recoilless rifles from Sweden. These new weapons will allow our forces to engage the enemy at further distances quicker, enhancing their fighting ability.

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Terrorism Hits Sweden

A Muslim terrorist blew himself up in a Swedish shopping center yesterday.

Here is the Reuters report.

TT said the letter promised attacks over Sweden’s presence in Afghanistan, where it has 500 troops with the U.S.-led NATO force, and the cartoons drawn three years ago by Lars Vilks.

Vilks, the target of several attacks, told Reuters Television he was safe and was getting used to being a target.

“Sweden is panicking of course because this has never been the case before that you have an act of terrorism directed toward the public, and this will of course create fear in Sweden,” he said in an interview.

Now we will see the resolve of the Swedish government. Will they bow to a culture stuck in the 5th century or will they double their efforts to eradicate the enemy.

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