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Supreme Court Rejects Cases Involving Non Violent Felons

From Cam and Company:

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Virginia Bill To Criminalize Private Transfers


House Bill 2, introduced by Delegate Kenneth R. Plum (D-36), would criminalize almost all private transfers of firearms. Not merely restricted to doing so for sales, Virginians would be required to seek government permission to gift, trade, and even temporarily lend firearms to close friends and extended family. The legislation states that:
“[n]o person shall sell, rent, trade, or transfer a firearm” without first subjecting the transferee to a state police background check to be conducted at a licensed firearms dealer.

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Criminal Justice Reform For Gun Rights

From The Truth About Guns:

Many have argued that there’s no reason to deny convicted felons their guns rights once they’ve paid their debt to society. If they’re deemed safe enough to release from prison, the thinking goes, why can’t they exercise their Second Amendment rights as they would any other?
This seems particularly reasonable in the case of felons who were convicted of non-violent crimes. Now the Firearms Policy Coalition, along with the Firearms Policy Foundation, the Second Amendment Foundation and others have filed a brief in a case against a man who was charged with possession of a firearm following a felony fraud conviction years earlier.

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