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Gun Rights and Police Raids Are Incompatible

From Open Source Defense:

As more people become able exercise their gun rights, an ever-bigger percentage of people are going to have a gun on them or nearby when encountering police. And that means that in a raid (which are often indistinguishable from home invasions), or when there’s a strange knock on the door at night, people are going to use their gun for its purpose. That’s just a description of reality in a world of robust gun rights. So either that can be a death sentence for ≥1 of the people involved in the encounter, or police tactics can change.

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NZ House Raided Over .22 Lever Action Rifle

From Right Minds:

The warrant claimed they had reason to believe I was in possession of a prohibited magazine fitted to a “.22RL lever action rifle. Blued metal, brown wooden stock.” The officer told me I had posted about it online, which I had—in my public written submission against the Firearms Amendment Act passed last year. That submission was shared on several blogs and social media. I had used the firearm as an example to prove the legislation was not targeting “military style assault weapons” as the media, prime minister, and her cabinet repeated ad nauseum. The vast majority of firearms affected by the legislation were just like mine.

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SWAT Team Invades Iowa Home For Credit Card Fraud

From The Washington Post:

When critics (like me) warn about the dangers of police militarization, this is what we’re talking about. You’ll see the raid team, dressed in battle-dress uniforms, helmets and face-covering balaclava hoods take down the family’s door with a battering ram. You’ll see them storm the home with ballistics shields, guns at the ready. More troubling still, you’ll see not one but two officers attempt to prevent the family from having an independent record of the raid, one by destroying a surveillance camera, another by blocking another camera’s lens.


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