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ATF Raids OK Man’s Home FFL

From The Truth About Guns:

Fincher, 52, has had a federal firearm license for three years. He has no brick-and-mortar gun shop. He’s what used to be called a “kitchen table FFL.” He sells most of his firearms at gun shows, including Wanenmacher’s Arms Show in Tulsa. 

“It was like the Trump raid. They called me out onto my deck and handcuffed me. My son was there and saw the whole thing. He’s 13 years old,” Fincher said. “They held me on the porch for about an hour. I was surrounded by agents. One by one, they yelled at me about what I was doing. In my mind I decided if they were going to beat me up over every little thing, I’m done. As soon as I said, ‘If you want my FFL, you can have it,’ one of the agents pulled out a piece of paper and said, ‘Well then sign here.’ He had made three copies in case I screwed one up. It was exactly what they wanted. I was shocked.” 

“You’re done. We have to shut you down,” Fincher recalls Mongell saying. “You tell all your FFL buddies we are coming for them. We are shutting the gun shows down.” 

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Confiscation If A Threat To Every American

From Dissident Voice:

In the wake of yet another round of mass shootings, these gun confiscation laws—extreme risk protection order (ERPO) laws—may appease the fears of those who believe that fewer guns in the hands of the general populace will make our society safer.

With these red flag gun laws, the stated intention is to disarm individuals who are potential threats… to “stop dangerous people before they act.”

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Gun Rights and Police Raids Are Incompatible

From Open Source Defense:

As more people become able exercise their gun rights, an ever-bigger percentage of people are going to have a gun on them or nearby when encountering police. And that means that in a raid (which are often indistinguishable from home invasions), or when there’s a strange knock on the door at night, people are going to use their gun for its purpose. That’s just a description of reality in a world of robust gun rights. So either that can be a death sentence for ≥1 of the people involved in the encounter, or police tactics can change.

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No-Nnock Warrant Results In Death Of Officer

From Western Center for Journalism:

On December 19th, a sheriff’s deputy was shot and killed during an attempt to serve a “no knock” warrant near Sommerville, Texas. Just before 6:00 A.M. an 8 member SWAT team broke through the door of Henry Goedrich Magee to serve a warrant which would permit the team to search the mobile home in which Magee and his pregnant girlfriend were living.

How many more police officers have to die before we stop these stupid raids?

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SWAT Team Raids Stockton Man’s Home For Not Paying His Student Loan

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Department of Education SWAT Raid

This news story comes from The Daily Mail Online, a British publication:

Mr Wright was later told by Stockton police that the order to send in the SWAT team came from The U.S. Department of Education who were looking for his estranged wife to collect defaulted loan payments.

He says he was then detained for six hours while officers looked for his wife – who no longer lives at the house.

More from

It appears that every department of the federal government will eventually be militarized. This situation is the exact reason the second amendment was added to the Constitution.

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Anti-drug raid in East Texas; suspect links with Mexican cartel

Dallas, Texas (Notimex) – Dozens of FBI agents burst into a ranch in East Texas to question residents of the place about the exchange of arms for drugs with a Mexican cartel.

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