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FiveThirtyEight Hypes Threat Of Militias

From FiveThirtyEight:

“There is no private militia that is lawful. Period. Full stop,” said McCord, whose group at Georgetown has identified laws on the books in every state that prohibit some or all private militia activity. But these laws often go unenforced, and that’s partly because in practice, it’s not always obvious what crosses a line. A law in Virginia, for example, bans weapons training but only if that training is intended to be used in “a civil disorder.”

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Maryland Man Sentenced To One Year For Having A Party

From Ars Technica:

A Maryland judge sentenced a man to one year in jail after finding him guilty of throwing two large parties in violation of a state pandemic order that banned large gatherings. Police were called to the man’s home twice in one week, and he refused to disband the party on the second occasion, authorities said.
Shawn Marshall Myers, 42, was sentenced on Friday at the District Court of Maryland, said an announcement by the state’s attorney for Charles County. Myers’ legal troubles began on March 22 when “multiple officers responded to Myers’ residence… for the report of a large party” violating Governor Larry Hogan’s order in which “large gatherings were strictly prohibited,” the state’s attorney office said.

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Anti Gun Bigots Exposed After VA Rally

From Reason:

Talia Lavin could not believe her eyes, and she urged the rest of us not to believe our eyes either. “It seems myopic at best to describe the Monday event as ‘peaceful,'” Lavin wrote in a GQ article about the rally, which attracted thousands of armed Second Amendment supporters energized by Northam’s gun control agenda.
Lavin’s reality-bending assessment reflects a Manichean attitude, all too common among gun control supporters, that casts sincere policy disagreements as a battle between good and evil. That attitude explains why so many activists, politicians, and journalists found it easy to equate a gathering of civil libertarians, organized around the defense of constitutional rights, with an invasion by white supremacists determined to sow chaos and provoke a race war.

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Slate Concerned About Right Wing Violence, Silent On Left Wing Violence

From Slate:

Though they vary across the states, the anti–private army laws target the same basic phenomenon: forming armed groups not answerable to civil authorities, providing paramilitary training for use in civil disorders, and falsely assuming police or military roles. The constitutional provisions and statutes can form the basis for injunctions prohibiting members associating together while armed or setting up training camps, restrictions on public events like rallies, and even criminal prosecutions.

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Students Arrested For Handing Out Constitutions

From Washington Times:

Kellogg Community College students Brandon Withers and Michelle Gregoire were arrested Sept. 20, 2015, in Battle Creek after they refused to stop handing out copies of the U.S. Constitution on campus. Officials cited the school’s Solicitation Policy, which requires permission for such behavior, before having the Young Americans for Liberty members and a friend arrested.

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