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Union Pacific Scolds LA For Train Robberies

From Bearing Arms:

“Since December 2020, UP has experienced an over 160% increase in criminal rail theft in Los Angeles County. In several months during that period, the increase from the previous year surpassed 200%. In October 2021 alone, the increase was 356% over compared to October 2020. Not only do these dramatic increases represent retail product thefts – they include increased assaults and armed robberies of UP employees performing their duties moving trains.”

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Retired Cop Uses Pistol To Fight Off Three Robbers

From Active Self Protection:

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Chicago Man Defends Himself Against Robbers

From Chicago-Sun Times:

The owner of a business shot two men Tuesday night during an attempted armed robbery in the South Side Englewood neighborhood.

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Robbing A Store With A Jammed Pistol


According to the New York Post, “The suspect entered the restaurant at 3900 Broadway in Kansas City at about 9:15 p.m. Wednesday and placed an order after briefly scanning the menu. The clerk then begins to punch in the suspect’s order as he sways back and forth in front of the register. The suspect then pulls a handgun from the front pocket of his hooded sweatshirt and cocks it before motioning to the cash register while pointing the gun at the clerk.”

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Rape Survivor’s Story Saves Woman

From Hot Air:

Obama commended Corban for overcoming a horrific event in her life, adding that his executive actions don’t make it harder for her to purchase firearms, and proceeded to mansplain to her how owning guns could lead to the owner becoming a fatality—an awful thing to say to a survivor of sexual assault, but that’s for another time. Flash-forward to the National Rifle Association’s Annual Meeting in May, Kristi McMains needed to meet Corban, as her story helped her save her life from a would-be robber that attempted to stab her.

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Restaurant Wants Gun Owner Patrons After Robbery

From Fox News:

Art Bouvier is giving the next person who tries to rob his Indianapolis Cajun-style eatery something to think about – by dangling a 25 percent discount for pistol-packing patrons.

After a man claiming to have a gun robbed Papa Roux Saturday night, the New Orleans native announced that customers with a valid a concealed handgun permit will get a quarter off their tab. Bouvier told he hopes it will send a strong signal that it’s a bad idea to pull a gun with bad intentions in his restaurant.


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One Less “Thug” in the World

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Miami Bank Robbed

Chase Bank Branch in Miami Robbed

Aug. 22, 2012
– Miami

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FBI Reward For Attempted Robbery, Slaying

Albuquerque FBI Offers $20,000 Reward in 1994 Attempted Robbery, Slaying

July 12, 2012
– Albuquerque

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Clerk knocks out robber, makes him clean up his own blood.

“Mostafa Kamel Hendi, armed with what was later identified as a pellet gun, attempted to rob the We Buy Gold shop in Hendersonville, North Carolina. The store clerk, Derek Mothershead, punched him in the nose and knocked him out. While waiting for police to arrive, Mothershead handed Hendi a roll of paper towels and made him clean the floor of his own blood.”


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Good guy 1, Bad guy 0

COLUMBUS, Ohio — “Police said a desk clerk shot a man who was attempting to rob an east side motel on Saturday night.

Officers said that shortly before 9:30 p.m., a man walked into the Super 8 Motel, located at 2055 Brice Rd., showed a gun and demanded money.

Police said the desk clerk on duty then shot the alleged robber, Antoine Stephens.

Stephens, 20, was transported to Grant Medical Center and was in serious condition on Sunday morning, NBC 4 reported.

Police said he would be charged with aggravated robbery.
3 shots fired, all 3 hit the bad guy, gun was a glock 23, 40cal with 165g Gold dots

no charges filed agenst shooter, badguy went to prison.”

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