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FN Producing SCAR In 6.5 Creedmoor


While the full-length 20-inch SCAR 20S series has long listed a 6.5CM variant, the SCAR 17 has typically just been available in 7.62 NATO. The SCAR 17S DMR includes a lot of upgrades over the standard model, including the SSR precision buttstock assembly and Geissele 2-stage trigger seen on the SCAR 20S line. 

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Recoil Magazine

There is a new magazine on the newsstands this month called Recoil. The magazine is marketing itself as a “gun lifestyle” magazine. This magazine looks like the WIRED of gun magazines with a textured, thick cover and a larger than normal size. Some of the features of the debut issue include:

Review of HK MR556A1

How to customize your truck as a bug-out ride.

A review of some of the popular outdoor watches

A buyers guide of some popular knifes

ATV guide

A profile of competitive shooter JJ Racaza

The ultimate zombie-proof house in Poland

Review of SCAR17S

Profile of  training company Redback One and its founder Jason Falla

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