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Recoil Magazine Removed From Kroger

From Recoil:

We think we put out some of the most kick-ass content in the gun world, so having an Arugula pusher look over our shoulders while we write and design it, didn’t exactly sit well. So when faced with the choice of bowing to the corporate overlords or being left off the shelves, our answer was a full-throated ‘fuck you’. We’d rather take a hit to our bottom line than bend the knee.

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Recoil Magazine Spring 2012

Features in Issue 2:

  • Intro to 3 Guns
  • Rifle Dynamics RD-74 Review
  • H3 Bugout Vehicle
  • Multi-tool Buyer’s Guide
  • Understanding Flash Suppressors, Muzzle Brakes and Compensators
  • Optics 101

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Recoil Magazine

There is a new magazine on the newsstands this month called Recoil. The magazine is marketing itself as a “gun lifestyle” magazine. This magazine looks like the WIRED of gun magazines with a textured, thick cover and a larger than normal size. Some of the features of the debut issue include:

Review of HK MR556A1

How to customize your truck as a bug-out ride.

A review of some of the popular outdoor watches

A buyers guide of some popular knifes

ATV guide

A profile of competitive shooter JJ Racaza

The ultimate zombie-proof house in Poland

Review of SCAR17S

Profile of  training company Redback One and its founder Jason Falla

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