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ATF Encourages Snitching On Your Ex

From The Truth About Guns:

If you’re struggling with how best to commemorate the greeting card industry’s biggest day of the year, our friends at the ATF have an idea targeted specifically at those of you with a bad breakup or two in your past. Why not celebrate the day by going all Stasi on that ex who done you wrong?

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Communist Snitching Celebrated By Media and Dems

From RT:

Turning in his father landed Reffitt interviews with CNN, Fox and the New York Times, with the CNN interview the first his family heard about his contact with the FBI. “My mom and my sisters are absolutely ruined about the news from what I did,” Reffitt tweeted on Saturday.

Apparently encouraged by his supporters, Reffitt set up a crowdfunding campaign, and after raising the donation limit several times has netted just under $87,000 in less than three days. This amount has paid for his university tuition, repaired his car, and purchased his dental insurance, Reffitt wrote on GoFundMe.

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