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Candice Owens On States Reopening

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Turning Citizens into Criminals

From USA Today:

This was the point of a talk by George Washington University law professor Robert J. Cottrol at a Georgetown Law School conference on guns and gun rights that I attended last week. As Cottrol noted, “Gun-control laws have a tendency of turning into criminals peaceable citizens whom the state has no reason to have on its radar.”


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Gun Issue Creating “Two Americas”


Is America once again splitting into free and unfree states? At least on the issue of self-defense rights, that seems to be the case—so says Jennifer Carlson, a University of Toronto sociologist who includes gun issues among her areas of study. At the Wall Street Journal she writes that it no longer makes sense in the United States to talk about national gun policy, but instead to recognize widely divergent trends at the state level that are taking Americans in different political, cultural, and technological directions.


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Firearms on Traveling Across States

From Herald-Tribune:

Allen is a 27-year old single mom from Philly, who had a valid pennsylvania concealed carry permit. She strayed across the border into New Jersey last year, was subsequently stopped by police, and told the officer she was armed with a .380 Bersa Thunder.

She was arrested and charged with unlawful possession of a weapon and armor-penetrating bullets.

She is now facing a three-year mandatory minimum sentence.

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Minimum Age For Conceled Carry Is Not 21 In Every State

I was surprised to see this map from Dustin’s Gun blog that shows a state-by-state comparison of the minimum age for a concealed carry permit. A few states allow 16 year-olds to carry but I disagree with that low age. I do think the minimum age should be no greater than 18 when those same people are allowed to vote and fight in the military.

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