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Senator Cruz Calls Out Biden Nominee Rachel Rollins Who Refused To Prosecute Criminals

From Senator Cruz:

Senator Cruz’s Statement On Rachel Rollins:

Sen. Cruz pointed to her policy while serving as District Attorney for Suffolk County, where she declined to prosecute certain dangerous crimes and pushed for ‘reallocating’ police funding. He then urged his Democrat colleagues to consider the safety and security of their constituents and vote against this radical nominee. Read excerpts of his remarks in committee below.

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The ATF’s Wide Authority

From Bearing Arms:

Although I cannot disclose all of the occasions where ATF has recently reversed its prior determinations or devised a new interpretation of the law or regulation, I can disclose a recent prosecution, of a veteran, where ATF devised a new interpretation out of whole cloth and was successful in convincing the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Northern District of Ohio to prosecute. The case is U.S. v. Wright, 3:18-CR-162 and it should have the entire Firearms Community alarmed.

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Turning Citizens into Criminals

From USA Today:

This was the point of a talk by George Washington University law professor Robert J. Cottrol at a Georgetown Law School conference on guns and gun rights that I attended last week. As Cottrol noted, “Gun-control laws have a tendency of turning into criminals peaceable citizens whom the state has no reason to have on its radar.”


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