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What Could Have Been In Toronto Shooting


The shooting that took place in Toronto (Canada) on Sunday was, in one way, similar to the aftermath of the terrorist attack in Paris on January 7, 2015. In the latter case, people took smartphone videos of fleeing terrorists shooting at policemen and killing an unarmed one. In Toronto, there were several powerless witnesses, and at least one person, apparently from an apartment overlooking the scene, videoed the killer as he was firing from the sidewalk below. In both cases, if a video taker had had a pistol instead of a smartphone, he could have engaged the killer, at least slowing him down, and saved lives or prevented serious bodily injuries.

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Watchdog Group Reports Montreal Police Unprepared

Montreal police were woefully unprepared for the G20 summit two years ago.

The Winnipeg Free Press reports:

The report says Toronto police, who were responsible for maintaining order outside the summit security zone, suffered from poor planning and weak communications, which contributed directly to increased tensions on the street.

So the outstanding question, still unanswered, is why were police so unprepared, so poorly trained for an event they knew would attract some of the world’s professional protesters?

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