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Republican State AGs Target Shipping Companies On Guns

From Bearing Arms:

Montana Attorney General Austin Knudson and a coalition of 16 other Republican AGs have sent letters to the CEOs of FedEx and UPS demanding answers about new policies that they allege could help the Biden administration establish a backdoor gun registry.

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UPS Requires Access To Gun Sellers’ Books

From Ammoland:

Firearms sellers started to receive a new agreement that they must sign to ship firearms through UPS. The letter contains new provisions in addition to the requirements announced last month. The most concerning of these new regulations is that UPS requires gun companies to turn over customer data and must allow UPS access to review and examine the shipper’s books and records relevant to the products being shipped upon request. The shipper must also provide UPS with invoices for any firearms-related products.

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UPS Continues Its Attack On The Gun Industry

From Ammoland:

UPS has stepped up its anti-gun campaign by requiring online sellers to ship an average of 50 handguns daily to use its 2nd Day Air service.

Sellers who do not ship at least 350 handguns a week risk losing their shipping accounts. Under the new agreement, UPS is only required to give customers a ten-day notice before cutting them off from the shipping service. The volume necessary means that most online retailers and manufacturers are now cut off from shipping guns through the carrier unless the handgun is shipped using the expensive Next Day Air service.

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UPS Implements Severe Restrictions On Shipping Firearms

From The Truth About Guns:

The new rules came in response to a letter sent by five anti-gun senators, who blamed UPS and 27 other carriers for escalating violent crime rates.

The rules are contained in three documents: A shipping agreement between UPS and a licensed firearm dealer, the new 2022 UPS Tariff/Terms & Conditions of Service, and UPS’s How to Ship Firearms” webpage.

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Man Stole 650 Guns From UPS


Quinton Haywood, 27, faces 20 years in prison without parole after pleading guilty Tuesday in federal court to taking a shipment of Beretta firearms — including 600 .380-caliber handguns and 54 12-gauge shotguns — bound for a Bass Pro Shop back in October 2017.

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