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An Epidemic Of Cowardice

From Men of Order:

But the Uvalde response was worse than anyone could fathom. An armed squad of 19 officers waited in the hallway just outside the classroom that the shooter had barricaded himself in.

And they did nothing.

They stood there for 40 minutes while the shooter slaughtered students and teachers in the classroom.

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How To End Mass Shootings Quickly

From James Gagliano at City Journal:

The era of patiently awaiting arrival of homogenous, highly trained tactical-resolution teams outfitted with special equipment and superior training is over. To borrow Martin Luther King’s exhortation, police in Uvalde should have recognized “the fierce urgency of now.”

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Culture Is The Problem, Not Guns

From The Federalist:

Americans are losing interest in the purpose and community that faith and church offer, losing respect for the sanctity of human life, and losing sight of the notion that a higher moral good exists than immediate self-gratification. Instead, we live under a cultural ethic that idolizes the indulgence of selfish desires even up to the point of taking the life of another.

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