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Net Centric Warfare Webinar

Coevolution of NCW: Challenges with Cyberspace and Organizational Development

This FREE webinar will be on:
Thursday, December 16, 2010, 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM ET
Presenter: Maj. Trisha Carpenter

The U.S. military is facing an entire new front in warfare, the cyber domain. Controlling and dominating this new technological theater is becoming critically important as U.S. Military leadership relies heavily on computer networks to communicate, gather INTEL, and even launch weapons and coordinated strikes. At the same time the military is striving to perfect the concept of Net Centric Warfare to effectively use technology to gain advantage and superiority over enemy forces. Two main obstacles may stand in the way of a successful transformation from the current haphazard state of cyberspace operations to a more productive future state required of Network Centric Warfare (NCW). The first obstacle is the military’s lack in knowledge of cyberspace operations. The second obstacle is the difficulty in understanding organizational change. This Webinar first presents a working definition of NCW to show how cyberspace and organizational change are related in the form of coevolution. It then discusses the organizational growth challenges faced by any organization operating in this domain, with a focus on the security missions likely to be given to cyber commands.

In this webinar participants will learn:

• An Operational Illustration of NCW

• Key Challenges in Cyberspace:

• Technical Environment: Cyber Triad

• Non-Technical Environment: Organizational Design

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Body Armor – Free Webinar

From: IDGA

Armor Up: A Coalition Perspective on Personal Protective Gear

This FREE webinar will be on: December 8, 2010 9:00:00 AM EST

Presenters: Carl Thompson, Cameron Finch, Dr. Kelechi Anyaogu,

Body Armor is one of the most important pieces of equipment a soldier has and can mean the difference between life and death.

Amidst the heightened tempo of operations in Afghanistan and Iraq, body armor and personel protection equipment have attracted renewed interest. This interest has come from several sectors: military procurement, civilian defense production, operational units (regular and special forces), as well as command level strategists.

  • Yet NATO and the US Military still face many challenges, including: The extremely high price of underperforming and  obsolete technologies.
  • The employment (or deployment?) of such systems in the field can have direct and immediate impacts on soldier endurance and performance.
  • Aside from dollar cost per unit, the use of body armor exacts a certain physical toll—increased risk of heat exhaustion and reduced mobility and speed.

Body Armor in Action:

The first living Congressional Medal of Honor recipient since the Vietnam War, Staff Sgt Salvatore Giunta can attribute his survival to his personal protective  gear.  In Afghanistan Staff Sgt Giunta was shot in the chest while braving enemy fire to come to the aid of comrades and was saved by his ballistics vest.

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