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Portland Mayor Sued Over Murder Last Summer

From Ammoland:

The City of Portland, Oregon, its Mayor Ted Wheeler, and Multnomah County District Attorney Mike Schmidt are named as defendants in a $13 million federal lawsuit filed by the family of Aaron “Jay” Danielson, who was fatally shot on a downtown street Aug. 29, 2020, of last year by a self-proclaimed Antifa member during last summer’s unrest.

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REMINDER: Police Have No Duty To Protect You

From The Post Millennial:

Portland Police Bureau Chief Chuck Lovell signaled ahead of Antifa’s announced direct action Sunday that local law enforcement won’t intervene to protect residents from the riotous activity expected to take place.

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Is Antifa Starting Wildfires?

From Mr. Reagan:

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Seattle PD Attacked by ANTIFA Mob of 100

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Analysis of Antifa Threat

From Stratfor:

Anarchists, along with Marxists, Maoists and anarcho-syndicalists, are usually among the most visible, vocal and violent elements that participate in antifa protests. Their respective black, red, and red-and-black flags are a ubiquitous sight at antifa gatherings, and it is no coincidence that many participants wear clothing with the same colors. The anarchist Black Bloc contingent, for example, is usually conspicuous at protests due to its dress, flags and the violence it leaves in its wake.  

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Masked Antifa Now Arming

From Bearing Arms:

Of course, Antifa members — like all Americans — have the right to keep and bear arms. But these black-clad masked fascists don’t come out to support their cause. Their goal is to intimidate, shout down and sometimes assault those with whom they disagree.

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Reporting On Political Violence

From FEE:

If the news that gets reported doesn’t bother to tell readers and viewers about angry left-wing lunatics who assault Republican campaign workers, set fire to GOP offices, or shoot Republican congressmen, and if reporters and pundits don’t care to spend much time writing about a series of threatening letters testing positive for ricin poison or threats of and/or the actual attempted murder of Republicans over their political views, then the people who consume news will not know about those kinds of things.

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