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Open Source Defense Talks To Sky News About Guns In America

From Sky News:

In this episode of the Sky News Daily podcast, host Noel Phillips speaks to Lucinda Roy, professor at Virginia Tech and former teacher of the man responsible for the killings in 2007; Kareem Shiya, co-founder of Open Source Defense – an online group, campaigning for gun rights, and Craig Jackson, Professor of occupational health psychology at Birmingham City University.

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Facebook Admits It May Interfere In Election

From ArsTechnica:

Facebook has said it will take aggressive and exceptional measures to “restrict the circulation of content” on its platform if November’s presidential election descends into chaos or violent civic unrest.

So far, it has announced several new election misinformation and voter suppression policies in recent weeks, including stating that it will add cautionary labels to posts in which campaigns or candidates prematurely claim victory, for example.

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Rand Paul Assaulted By Mob In DC, Yelled “Fuck him up! Kill him!”

From YouTube:

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Anti-Trumpers Consider Military Coup

From The Washington Examiner:

Recently, two retired Army officers speculated about deploying a brigade from the 82nd Airborne Division to overpower Trump’s “private army” that they believe the defeated president will use to try to cling to office. Another retired officer, a former chief of staff to Secretary of State Colin Powell, imagined the military in battle with armed Trump supporters, the result being that “all bets are off as to how much blood might flow.”

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Gaslighting About Kamala Harris Underway

From National Review:

Take this USA Today factcheck headlined “Kamala Harris didn’t say she’d send police to take firearms via executive order.” You may notice the highly narrow specificity of this debunking. It’s a little game political media like to play — the Associated Press miraculously ran almost an identical piece on the same day — in which reporters take a hyperbolic backbencher’s comments or a misleading social-media post — in this case, a Facebook post that is “gaining traction” — and use it as a strawman to deceive voters about one of the controversial positions of their favored politician.

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Harris Doesn’t Believe You Have A Right To Arms

From Bearing Arms:

As District Attorney in San Francisco, Kamala Harris signed on to an amicus brief filed with the Supreme Court in the Heller case, arguing that “for nearly 70 years courts have consistently sustained criminal firearms laws against Second Amendment challenges by holding that, inter alia, (i) the Second Amendment provides only a militia-related right to bear arms, (ii) the Second Amendment does not apply to legislation passed by state or local governments, and (iii) the restrictions bear a reasonable relationship to protecting public safety and thus do not violate a personal constitutional right.”

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Attacking The NRA Is The First Step

From Stream:

On a grand scale, that’s what happening now to the National Rifle Association. Using some (unproven) charges of sleazy insider dealing among a few NRA executives, the Attorneys General of New York State, and the District of Columbia are suing the NRA. They’re not seeking to remove its chief executive, Wayne LaPierre. Nor to force reforms. No, they’re seeking to dissolve the organization, nationally. Less than three months before a historic election.
Does this sound like crass political gamesmanship with the rule of law to you? The NY AG won her last election in part on a promise to “take on” the NRA. And that gun rights organization is fighting hard to preserve our constitutional rights in 2020.

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Get Ready For Gun Control With Biden/Harris


Biden, a Pennsylvania-born former U.S. Senator from Delaware and the presumptive Democratic nominee, selected Harris this week after months of rumors that his campaign was in talks with the sitting first-term California senator. The news was greeted with applause by national gun control organizations such as the Brady Campaign, Giffords, and Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown group, with the latter expected to chip in $60 million to this year’s elections. 

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Democrat Rules At Virginia State House Create Chaos

From Cam and Company:

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MSNBC Out Of Touch With Gun Owners

From The Daily Caller:

A panel of gun owners laughed in the face of MSNBC host Ali Velshi when he asked what they thought of gun buyback proposals from Democratic politicians.

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Surprise: Dick’s CEO Testing Presidential Run

From Politico:

Ed Stack, the CEO of Dick’s Sporting Goods and a longtime Republican donor, is testing the waters for a possible third-party presidential bid that could scramble the dynamics of the 2020 general election.
Various messages were presented to a focus group in southern Wisconsin this week centering on the billionaire businessman, along with possible three-way match-ups against Donald Trump and Joe Biden or Elizabeth Warren.

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