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New Congressman Going After IRS and ATF

From Fox News:

Georgia Rep.-elect Andrew Clyde arrived in the nation’s capital with the unique distinction of already having federal legislation named after him.

The gun store owner gained prominence for fighting back when the IRS suddenly seized nearly $1 million from his bank account in 2013.

Not only did Clyde win his civil asset forfeiture case against the IRS, but he got Congress to pass a law last year so the IRS could never do it again.

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Congressman Elected On Anti-NFA Platform


Clyde’s own views on gun regulations are that we have far too many and ran on a platform that included scrapping the National Firearms Act tax on firearms, along with the Brady Background Check system, the federal excise tax on guns and ammo, the “sporting purposes” test, and the interstate ban on purchasing a handgun. In other reforms, he backs the Hearing Protection Act, which would deregulate suppressors from NFA controls, and wants to extend the same policy to include short-barreled rifles and shotguns. 

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Atlanta Guns and Ammo Flying Off the Shelves


“First time buyers are buying .38 special revolvers and 9mm pistols,” said Wallace. “We’ll get a shipment in one day and the entire stock of what we put out in one day will be gone in one day.”
Wallace said a shipment of a hundred guns will be gone on the same day. He told Jose manufacturers are running 24 hours a day to keep up with demand.

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Georgia Senator Introduced Gun Owner Privacy Act

From Bearing Arms:

Loeffler’s bill, the Gun Owner Privacy Act, would ban the use of federal funds to store personal information collected during background checks attached to gun purchases. Federal agencies are already barred from creating a database of gun owners, but the legislation will give citizens recourse for any infringements on their privacy. While the law would not apply to Americans who fail background checks, those whose records are illegally stored will be able to sue agencies in federal court and collect damages.

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Georgia Dems Intro Bill To Ban All Semi Auto Firearms

From News Target:

Sen. Donzella James has filed SB 281, which would “prohibit the possession of automatic and semi-automatic guns,” regardless of make, model or the fact that these weapons are used so infrequently to commit crimes it is nearly statistically insignificant.
In addition, the bill includes other popular provisions among Democrat gun grabbers: A ban on ‘high capacity magazines’ (more than 10 rounds), and private sales at gun shows. And it would require “secure storage” of guns by dealers (as though gun stores around the state are lightly secured as it is).

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Escaped Convicts Caught By Armed Civilians


Dubose and Rowe then fled into a wooded area and made their way to another nearby home. However, when the homeowner saw the inmates in his driveway, he held them at gunpoint and called his neighbor over for assistance. The two held the inmates at gunpoint until authorities arrived a short time later.

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DHS Probed Georgia’s Voting System

From The Daily Caller:

Georgian IT specialists traced 10 such scans back to a DHS IP address. DHS officials confirmed the attacks came from an unnamed contractor attached to the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in Glynco, Georgia, a part of DHS.

FLETCO officials have refuse to identify the contractor and the agency did not respond to a DCNF inquiry about the intrusions.

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Woman Shoots At Burglars, Kills One

From The Federalist:

Thirty-six-year-old Chen Fengzhu is the latest Internet sensation in China, except she doesn’t live in China. She is a seafood restaurant owner who lives in Gwinnet County, Georgia. Surveillance video the Gwinnet County police department recently released showed that around 4 a.m. on September 16, three burglars armed with guns broke into a house Chen shared with a shop assistant. The robbers were so cocky that they didn’t bother to cover their faces.

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Georgia Law Enforcement That Burned Baby, Killed Pastor in 2009

From The Washington Post:

In the burned toddler raid, Terrell told the paper that District Attorney Brian Rickman had already cleared the task force of any wrongdoing. That’s a remarkably fast investigation given that the raid happened less than two days ago. Rickman also cleared the cops in the Ayers case. So did the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. Rickman would tell a local paper that the investigations went “to extraordinary lengths,” and, “I do not see how anybody could say the process was unfair based on the lengths that they went to.”


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Mother Shoots Burglar in Georgia

According to USA Today’s website a Georgia woman shot an intruder after being told by her husband to do so if the intruder opened the door.

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Georgia To Allow Silencers For Hunting

From the AP:

Senate Bill 301 was approved by a vote of 48-5. Sen. John Bulloch, the bill’s sponsor, says allowing hunters to use silencers would keep them from disturbing their neighbors, and removing the ban would not create an unfair advantage for hunters. Hunters would still need a federal permit to possess a silencer.

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WikiLeaks Reveals Hostilities Between Russia and Georgia

Wired’s Danger Room reports that Russia may have been secretly trying to destabilize  Georgia before the battle in 2008.

The brief shooting war between Russia and Georgia in 2008 was just the final, action-packed scene of a years-long drama. As the U.S. Embassy in the Georgian capitol of Tblisi saw it, Moscow spent much of the previous decade destabilizing the former Soviet republic, using “missile attacks and murder plots,” natural-gas “sabotage” and support to Georgian separatists.


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Georgia: Poll results show most in state want illegals barred from public colleges

By BLAKE AUED – Athens Banner-Herald

“Two-thirds of Georgians want to bar illegal immigrants from attending the University of Georgia and other public colleges, even if they pay out-of-state tuition, according to results from a recent poll.

Sixty-seven percent of people polled last week by Mason-Dixon Polling & Research for the Georgia Newspaper Partnership favor a law requiring proof of legal residency to attend a Georgia college or university, while 22 percent opposed such a law and 11 percent were undecided.

“We have a finite amount of classroom seats,” King said. “It’s always been a mystery to me for seats to go to people who are deportable at any time and cannot work upon graduation when unemployment is 10 percent.”

Illegal immigrants take spots that rightly belong to Georgians, Deal spokesman Brian Robinson said.

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Power Struggle Among Russia’s Militants

Power Struggle Among Russia’s Militants is republished with permission of STRATFOR.

By Ben West and Lauren Goodrich

On Aug. 12, four members of the militant group the Caucasus Emirate (CE) appeared in a video posted on a Russian militant website withdrawing their support from CE founder and leader Doku Umarov. The reason for the mutiny was Umarov’s Aug. 4 retraction of his Aug. 1 announcement that he was stepping down from the top leadership position. STRATFOR and many others noted at the time that the Aug. 1 resignation was unexpected and suggested that Umarov may have been killed. However, the Aug. 4 retraction revealed that Umarov was still alive and that there was considerable confusion over who was in control of the militant group.

The mutineers were all high-level members of the militant group: Hussein Gakayev, commander of the CE’s Chechen forces; Aslambek Vadalov, commander of Dagestani forces and to whom Umarov had briefly turned over control in his Aug. 1 resignation; an Arab commander named Muhannad; and a veteran field commander known as Tarkhan. The four CE commanders said Umarov’s renunciation showed disrespect for his subordinates and that, while the four leaders continued to pledge support to the CE, they no longer supported Umarov. Gakayev, Tarkhan and Muhannad had all appeared in a video that aired Aug. 1 in which they supported Umarov’s decision to appoint Vadalov CE emir.

To further confuse the issue, a video released Aug. 11 by Emir Adam, the CE leader in Ingushetia, pledged his and his followers’ loyalty to Umarov. The next day, another video appeared featuring the group’s new leader in Dagestan, Emir Seyfullakh Gubdensky (who succeeded Vadalov after he became deputy leader of the CE), similarly endorsing Umarov’s reclamation of the top CE post.

These disparate messages from top leaders paint a picture of confusion and dissension in the CE that appears to mark a serious crisis for a group, which, until recently, had been consolidating militant groups across the Caucasus under a single, more strategic leadership structure. STRATFOR has collected insight from sources familiar with the group and its leadership turmoil that explains what happened and the nature of the threat that the CE poses to Russian security in the Caucasus. Read the rest of this entry »

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Armed American Radio

Armed American Radio is a weekend radio program that covers all issues involving guns. They discuss gun laws, politics, safety and training, concealed carry etc.

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