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The Trace Attacks Free Speech About Guns

From The Truth About Guns:

The Trace, which is nothing but a gun control megaphone disguising itself as pseudo-journalism, sent out a “name-and-shame” email last week putting companies on notice. They listed 13 specific firearm personalities with large social media followings. That was followed by leading questions that left little room for doubt what they were really after.

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Gun Sales May Not Translate To Votes

From The Trace:

Yamane cautioned that acquiring a gun does not guarantee a shift in attitude toward firearms regulation and that Americans are too politically entrenched for the high sales alone to swing the debate or bring about a further loosening of laws. “A huge influx of new gun owners is not going to change the political dynamics of California, for instance, or Oklahoma,” Yamane said.

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The Trace: 85% Of Bump Stock Comments Against Regulation

The Trace discovered that of all the comments to the ATF on bump stocks 85% were against regulation with a good majority of those comments being unique as opposed to a form letter.

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