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Judge Says There Should Be A License For 3D Printing Software

From Reason:

This week, Judge Robert A. Lasnik of U.S. District Court for the Western District of Washington, in deciding on motions for summary judgment in that suit, State of Washington et al. v. U.S. Department of State et al., agreed that removing those files from the USML was unlawful based on the APA arguments (though not the 10th Amendment ones), and reversed the federal government’s choice to allow free distribution of the files.
As discussed in Lasnik’s decision, the federal government’s initial reaction to the states’ suit “justified the deregulation of the CAD files [that could help make weapons]…by pointing to a Department of Defense determination that the items ‘do not provide the United States with a critical military or intelligence advantage’ and ‘are already commonly available and not inherently for military end-use.'”

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Defense Distributed CEO Discusses Future

From Reason:

For Paloma Heindorff, who took over as head of the company last year after stints as director of development and vice president of operations, these innovations are an important part of keeping the powerful in check. “We’ve got to be developing technologies in the independent sector to be able to counterbalance the enormous control that the government has and the enormous access to information that corporations have,” she says.

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Explanation Of Futile Injunction Against Defense Distributed

From National Review:

We are in the grips of a bizarre political panic that is disconnected from the facts and the law but is deeply connected not just to the larger culture war over gun rights in the United States but also to the deep suspicion of virtually any action taken by the Trump administration. There was a time when we could have greater confidence in federal courts to take a breath, soberly consider the issues, and introduce a measure of reason and rationality to legal debate. In some courts — especially when Trump administration actions are at issue — those days are long past.

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Federal Judge Shuts Down DEFCAD

DEFCAD is temporarily offline due to the order of a federal judge in Washington. This is after the State Dept. agreed that DEFCAD could post 3D printer files for several guns. Go to to support your first and second amendment rights. This is the last gasp of the gun banners. Soon any law passed will have no effect on a person’s ability to arm themselves.

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