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Update On Defense Distributed Case

From The Second Amendment Foundation:

“New Jersey passed a statute aimed specifically at us and Defense Distributed,” said SAF founder and Executive Vice President Alan M. Gottlieb. “Attorney General Grewal is essentially trying a delaying tactic to tie this case up in legal red tape as long as possible, while in the process depriving us of our First Amendment rights to share firearms information under color of state law.

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Defense Distributed Starts New Phase

From The Wall Street Journal:

Mr. Wilson said he believed his release of the files would be “impervious” to legal challenge and would help normalize the distribution of such material for easy download in the future.

Mr. Wilson is offering access to the files for an annual fee of $50, characterizing his service as “Netflix for 3-D guns.”

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HP Thinks It Can Stop 3D Guns

From Fox News:

The Silicon Valley-based company – one of the world’s biggest sellers of personal computers and printers – cited its “regular use” policy that precludes it from allowing its printers from being used to make homemade guns.

HP did not say how it would stop people from using its products to make ghost guns — weapons that are untraceable and unregulated — and it was unclear how the policy would limit their production.

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