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Lockdowns Are Denying People Their Rights

From Cam and Company:

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No Equal Justice For Gun Owners

From The Truth About Guns:

The Court has made clear that it is not the least bit interested in being the founding document’s guardian. It’s not even interested in resolving differing interpretations of the Constitution with major splits among the Circuit Courts when it comes to the right to keep and bear arms.

Instead of doing the hard work that it is tasked to do, the Court has decided to play in a popularity contest. While the Court grants only a small percentage of writs of certiorari (approximately 3%), Second Amendment challenges cry out for clarification and easily meet the criteria for the Court’s review.

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SAF Starts Gun Rights Equality Project

From SAF:

The Second Amendment Foundation today announced the launch of a new effort to remind America that the right to keep and bear arms is all-inclusive, and that all citizens regardless of race, creed or color should never be denied the exercise of their constitutionally-protected rights.

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The 2nd and 14th Amendment Working Together

From The Huffington Post:

Every now and then a case, a law comes into focus to remind us just how far we remain from the dream of equal protection under the law. Such a case appears this week in the State of California where the betters have moved Senate Bill 707 to Governor Jerry Brown’s desk for consideration.

SB 707 is a gun control bill. It is part of a larger strategy of zero tolerance gun control measures with the real aim to trip people up in ways that even the smallest mistake causes them to lose their gun rights. SB 707 adds a new tripwire to the Gun Free Zone laws that surround 1,000 feet around every school in California threatening everyone, even those with a dire need or legal permit, from being within these zones with a gun. Everyone that is, except for the one lobby Sacramento needed to support this law, retired police officers. Even though they are no longer law enforcement officers and do not have any police powers, they will be granted a privilege no other citizen will have in the State of California. Indeed, there are lobbyists that seem to believe that retired police officers are not subject to living among their lowly fellow citizens as equals under the 14th Amendment; that they are better, exempt; that they are not “little people”.


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