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Compact Sniper Rifle Requested by Army

From KitUp:

In June 2014, the Army released a request for proposal to invite gun companies to build compact versions of the service’s 7.62mm M110 Semi-Automatic Sniper System. The CSASS program did not receive any funding in the Army’s approved fiscal 2015 budget.

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Kalashnikov Unveils New Rifle

From Russia Today:

The new rifle is fitted with an up-to-date trigger and firing mechanism, and is compatible with 7.62×54mm and 7.62×51mm shells, as well as with “advanced new ammunition currently developed by the Izhmash design-engineering center specialists,” the statement issued by the Izhevsk Machinebuilding Plant (Izhmash) said on Monday.

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SVD Dragunov

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Bolt Gun vs. Gas Gun for LE Operations By Paul Howe

Bolt Gun vs. Gas Gun for LE Operations
By Paul Howe


I’ve have started to teach Urban Marksman (Sniper) courses to Law Enforcement personnel and wanted to address the issue of whether to use a Bolt Action Rifle (Bolt Gun) or Semi-Automatic Rifle (Gas Gun) for law enforcement applications. I think both have their pros and cons, but I want to go over them with you. Here are a few topics I wish to discuss:

  • Safety
  • Accuracy
  • Reliability
  • Training Time
  • Cost
  • Courses of Fire
  • Conclusions

While assigned to Special Operations in the 90’s, I served two years as a sniper. In the “old days,” I used a bolt action platform which fired a .300 Winchester Magnum cartridge and a gas operated platform, the .308 M1A magazine fed rifle. Since that time, a variety of both bolt and gas guns have hit the markets, from custom makers to major manufacturers. Read the rest of this entry »

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How the Ultimate Sniper Rifle Was Made

“The Portsmouth company, Accuracy International (AI), equips the British Special Boat Service and Special Air Service with sniper rifles. In 2008, it signed a 3.7 million-pound contract to supply almost 600 sniper weapons to the UK Ministry of Defence. What came out of the SEALs’ approach to AI was a new gun.

“The fact that such a small company can be a world-beater in the manufacture of quality weapon systems in a market dominated by huge American and European companies is a huge achievement,” says Color Sergeant Lee Chevenix, a British Army sniping-team instructor. “I know from first-hand experience how revered the AI product is, even in the States, where traditionally U.S. producers are favored.”

AI’s weapons are now part of long-range sniping lore. Craig Harrison, a British Army sniper from the Household Cavalry, hit two Taliban machine-gunners with two consecutive shots at a range of 2,475 meters in Helmand province, Afghanistan, in 2009. Inadvertently he had taken the world sniping record using an L115A3, the 0.338-inch caliber military sniper-rifle system made by AI that is now standard issue for the British Army.”


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The Army’s New Sniper Rifle

Remington has been awarded the contract to produce the XM2010, the army’s new sniper rifle.

Remington Defense

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