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AP Produces 5 Part Anti Gun Series

From The Associated Press:

American identity is deeply grounded in the belief that everyone, no matter who they are, is entitled to certain rights and liberties. But what happens when one of those freedoms – a nearly unfettered right to own guns – upends the calculus that safeguards others?

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The Attempt To Ban Ammunition Has Begun

From The Truth About Guns:

Everything you need to know about the newspaper’s “investigation” is summed up in the story’s secondary headline: “In recent years, the factory has also pumped billions of rounds of military-grade ammunition into the commercial market, an investigation by The New York Times found, leaving the ‘LC’ signature scattered across crime scenes, including the sites of some of the nation’s most heinous mass shootings.”

In other words, mass shootings aren’t just the fault of the mass shooter. In NYT-world, the ammunition manufacturer somehow bears responsibility as well.

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NBC Smears Polymer80

From The Truth About Guns:

The NBC report on Polymer80 — with the inflammatory title, ‘Polymer80’s name has become synonymous with ‘ghost guns.’ Now it’s in the crosshairs.’ — attempts to smear the company, insinuating that they’re somehow skirting the law, when their perfectly legal products comply with all applicable regulations. In response, Polymer80 has just issued the following press release regarding the ongoing NBC kerfuffle .

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