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Media Hysteria Over Guns

From Fox News:

Guns and the media” called print journalists to account for guest columns that appeared in two different newspapers.  In the St. Louis American, a weekly paper distributed in the St. Louis metro area, a guest columnist wrote, “Gun owners love their guns more than they love their children.”  This is a demonstrably false generalization that a good editor would have refused to print.  Instead of allowing this blanket insult towards millions of law abiding American gun owners the editor should have worked through the writing process to assist the writer to honestly present a perspective about children killed in separate incidents around the country.

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Guns Allowed In Airports, If You Have A Concealed Carry Permit

From KMOV St. Louis:

A recent Missouri Court of Appeals decision has clarified the law, saying it is not a criminal offense to carry a firearm into the airport or through airport security if you are a concealed carry permit holder.

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NYT Continues Irrational Fear Of Guns

From The Federalist:

Nobody—not even the editorial board of The New York Times—is free from the moral responsibility to do a little research before commenting on a matter of public import. If you are going to talk about a contentious public issue, you should learn a little bit about it beforehand to avoid misleading others and making yourself look profoundly foolish.

Unfortunately the Times’s editorial board recently ignored this timeless advice and issued an editorial that was essentially a grand exercise in willful ignorance. According to the Times, Missouri’s recent passage of a “constitutional carry” gun law has transformed the Show-Me State into “the shoot-me state.” The Times says the law represents “a wholesale retreat from gun safety in the state.”

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MO Passes Constitutional Carry


Sponsored by state Senator Brian Munzlinger (R-18), and state Representative Eric Burlison (R-133) SB 656 would:

  • Recognize Missourians right to Constitutional/Permitless Carry where open carry is not prohibited
  • Expand Missouri’s current Stand your Ground laws
  • Expand Castle Doctrine protections for anyone legally allowed into your home, vehicle, business and property
  • Specify that except for credit card fees incurred, no additional fee beyond $100 may be charged to process concealed carry permits and allows military members extra time to renew their permits
  • Implement 10, 20 and 50 year options for non-reciprocity issued permits
  • Allow components of firearm training for RTC permits to be online

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Anti-Gun Legislator Arrested With Gun

From American Lookout:

Missouri State Senator Jamilah Nasheed had a gun in her possession at the time she was arrested late on Monday outside the Ferguson Police Department, according to Ferguson Police Chief Tom Jackson.

Nasheed refused to comment about having the weapon ( a gun ), but did tell News 4 she has a concealed carry permit. A Ferguson police officer told us than in fact Nasheed was carrying a fully-loaded 9 mm handgun and additional rounds.

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ISIS Flags To Be Burned At Mizzou

From The Washington Times:

Students at the University of Missouri-Columbia are holding an Islamic State flag-burning demonstration on Thursday in response to the terror group’s gross human-rights violations.

“ISIS has violated the liberties and freedoms of millions of people through genocide, deadly religious persecutions, modern-day enslavement, sexual violence, use of a chemical weapon, beheadings and mass executions,” the student group Young Americans for Liberty stated in announcing the event, the College Fix reported.

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Professor Suing Missouri University For Second Amendment Rights

From The Washington Times:

A University of Missouri professor is filing a lawsuit against the school for prohibiting guns on campus, in what is aimed to be one of the first tests of the state’s newly amended constitution that provides for “strict scrutiny” of gun restrictions.

Royce de R. Barondes, who is an associate professor of law at the University of Missouri, is challenging the campus’ policy that “the possession of firearms on university property is prohibited except in regularly approved programs or by university agents or employees in the line of duty.”

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Missouri Latest State To Attempt To Nullify Gun Laws

From Columbia Daily Tribune:

Missouri’s latest proposal, introduced last week, would attempt to nullify certain federal gun control regulations from being enforced in the state and subject law enforcement officers to criminal and civil penalties for carrying out such policies.

The state’s GOP-led General Assembly came one vote shy of overriding Democratic Gov. Jay Nixon’s veto of such a measure last year. This year’s bill adds a new twist, delaying the effective date for several years to allow time for other states to join the cause.

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Missouri Eddie Eagle

From KSDK:

One of those laws now encourages school districts across Missouri to teach the NRA’s Eddie Eagle Gun Safety program to first graders.

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Missouri Introduces Bill To Ban And Confiscate “Assault” Weapons

This is starting to get ridiculous. The anti-constitutionalists around the country who are proposing these laws better be voted out next time they are up for election. If any of these laws pass one can only hope that the people will resist in mass civil disobedience.

Missouri bill full text here.


4. Any person who, prior to the effective date of this law, was legally in possession of an assault weapon or large capacity magazine shall have ninety days from such effective date to do any of the following without being subject to prosecution:

(1) Remove the assault weapon or large capacity magazine from the state of Missouri;

(2) Render the assault weapon permanently inoperable; or

(3) Surrender the assault weapon or large capacity magazine to the appropriate law enforcement agency for destruction, subject to specific agency regulations.

5. Unlawful manufacture, import, possession, purchase, sale, or transfer of an assault weapon or a large capacity magazine is a class C felony.

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World Zombie Shoot

The first World Zombie Shoot will be held on October 13-14 near Fayette, MO.

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