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Gun Banners Want To Restrict Rifles Like Machine Guns

From The New Republic:

Could shooting ranges be the future of Bushmasters, of SKS rifles and AR-15s and AR-10s? It seems the thought experiment we need in Second Amendment debates, where pro-gun advocates warn that federal ownership registries and licensing are the sine qua non of government tyranny. Yet the United States has successfully depleted the supply of machine guns, as well as the ease and attractiveness of their use by criminals, with exactly these measures: a gun database and a thoroughgoing application process. (That said, the left should be as wary as libertarians—perhaps more so these days—of the potential risks that gun registries run as a tool of discrimination and harassment; one need not sympathize, as some on the gun right do, with David Koresh and the Branch Davidians to acknowledge that the ATF has abused its oversight powers before.)

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Public Range Bill Passes House


A bipartisan measure to increase the number of shooting ranges available on public land passed the U.S. House on Monday. The bill, H.R.1222, was introduced in February by U.S. Reps. Ron Kind, D-Wisc. and Rob Bishop, R-Utah. The proposal proved uncontroversial and passed in a voice vote this week following on the heels of a similar vote in the Senate on an identical measure earlier this month.

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Where2Shoot App Finds Local Ranges


Where2Shoot allows users to search for ranges near their current location or by zip code and state. The search then provides specific information on each range, such as the shooting activities offered, accessibility and contact information. The app also includes news, safety information and tips for interested shooters.

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Grants for Shooting Ranges

Press Release

NSSF to award up to $500,000 to shooting ranges

NEWTOWN, Conn. — To help public and private shooting facilities jump start their recruitment and retention efforts, the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) will be awarding up to $500,000 in grants this year to ranges around the country.

This is the third year that NSSF has distributed funding to qualifying ranges through its Range Partnership Grant Program.

“These grants will help shooting range managers create new strategies to drive traffic to their facilities and, in turn, benefit the future of our sports,” said Chris Dolnack, NSSF senior vice president. “Research tells us that millions of Americans would like to try shooting, and the place to get started is at one of the thousands of ranges across the country.”

The projects funded by the grants will also serve as pilot programs, which, if successful, can be used by other facilities.

“The best way to increase participation is to enhance and promote shooting opportunities at the local level,” said Melissa Schilling, NSSF recruitment and retention manager. “We’re looking for unique proposals that move the needle on recruiting new shooters, attracting lapsed shooters back to the range and increasing opportunities for active shooters.”

Shooting ranges interested in applying for a grant can learn more about NSSF’s Range Partnership Grant Program at

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Recreational Shooting In Houston

American Shooting Centers provides a large area near Houston for recreational shooters.

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