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Gun Rights Outreach

From The Truth About Guns:

When I formed Armed Equality I wasn’t exactly sure where I wanted to take the group in terms of big picture, long term goals. I just knew I needed to do something helpful in response to the Pulse nightclub hate crime and terrorist attack. I started by reaching out to local shops and instructors to feel out who would be the most supportive.

Part of our cause is helping people in non-traditional demographics feel comfortable in 2A community spaces. If this sounds like a foreign or ridiculous concern to you, chances are you’re a non-LGBT white male and that’s okay. None of us has any influence over the gender, sex, or race we came into this world with, as and we all have extremely different life experiences.

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Op Ed: Our Culture of Gun Addiction

Retired Psychologist wants regulations on ads of guns, just like tobacco.

From Savannah Now:

The hard truth is that we live in a gun culture — collectively accepting guns as part of our lives. Gun messages pervade our senses in the form of billboards, gun magazines and the high number of retail stores selling guns. These messages are so commonplace that we have become immune to how unique we are in the civilized world.

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Using The Right Gear


Good gear, in most cases, is only there to make your life a bit easier, not to compensate for a lack of range time or a technical deficiency but it’s important to note that while good quality gear may not make you a better shooter, bad gear can potentially make you a dead one.

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Bias and the Gun Debate

The guy is Canadian and misses a few points but overall it’s worth a read.

From Medium:

So why to do we continue to argue about this? One problem that I rarely see being discussed is that many of us have limited experience with guns and/or violence and have to rely on what we know from memory and from external source and we’re susceptible to cognitive biases.

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Every Gun An “Assault Weapon”

From Bearing Arms:

Following the Santa Fe High School shooter and the Capital Gazetteshooter both using shotguns, though, it seems that anti-gunners are trying to use that to open the door on broader restrictions.

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Independence Day

From The Washington Times:

We celebrate the Fourth of July with our parades and fireworks to mark the Declaration of Independence’s proclamation beginning the American Revolution. But Independence Day presents an opportunity to think, along with Thomas Paine, about the American Revolution’s deeper meaning, both to Americans and to the rest of the world.

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Failed Arguments Of Gun Grabbers

From Ammoland:

I have one small thing to ask of the gun-prohibitionists. Please stop lying to us.  For extra credit, I’d like the rights-restrictors to stop lying to themselves as well. Even that may be too much to ask. If the gun control advocates must lie, then make up some new propaganda. The old lies are wearing thin, and here are some obvious ones. See if you agree.

The courts have ruled time and again that the police have no duty to protect us. The police are not liable for our protection even if you called the police and asked for help before you were attacked. The police collect evidence of a crime. If a criminal is active long enough, then eventually the police might catch him. Whether a jury will convict the criminal, whether a judge will sentence him and he will actually serve his sentence, is another question entirely. The police might, or might not, stop a crime committed right in front of them.

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Colion Noir on Real Time

From Real Time:

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Venezuelan Immigrant Has Questions For Gun Grabbers


Toward the end of the video Franco asked some very pointed questions which should be asked of anyone who wants to strip Americans of their Second Amendment rights. These questions are not only serious in nature but relevant to the discussion of gun control on a broader level.

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Americans Have Changed, Not Guns


What’s the difference between yesteryear and today? The logic of the argument for those calling for stricter gun control laws, in the wake of recent school shootings, is that something has happened to guns. Guns have behaved more poorly and become evil. Guns are the problem.

The job for those of us who are 65 or older is to relay the fact that guns were more available and less controlled in years past, when there was far less mayhem. Something else is the problem.

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“Assault Weapon” Ruse

From Breitbart:

Gun control activists long ago discovered that if they use the term “assault weapon” to describe a firearm, the vast majority of people reading or hearing such term, will picture in their mind a rifle capable of fully automatic fire; this despite the fact that private possession of fully automatic firearms has been essentially unlawful for more than eight decades.

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Knife Control In UK

From Matt Christiansen:

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The Leftist Case For Gun Rights

From The American Conservative:

Between 1792 and 1848, French rebels forced three monarchs from power after bloody street fights. The Russian Bolsheviks overthrew the tsar and crushed the White Armies to establish the Soviet Union. In the years after World War II, Algeria fought for and won its independence from France.

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Anti Gun Journalist Joins NRA

From Daily Caller:

Years back, I was a staunch gun control advocate. Last week, I joined the NRA and the Gun Owners of America, and I’m looking to join more Second Amendment advocacy groups. How did this evolution take place?

The Second Amendment isn’t necessarily a call to arms — it’s an inconvenient reality for unelected officials who continually act with impunity and without government oversight.

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The Second Amendment Is The Foundation Of The Bill Of Rights

From The Federalist:

So, why did the founders feel the need to specify the right to bear arms in the constitution? After all, wouldn’t it be just as wrong for the government to take away any other possession? Why add a specific amendment about guns? The answer is that the founders understood the important role guns play in establishing and preserving a free society. They found this out firsthand.

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