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Taxpayer Funded PBS Pushes Disarmament Propaganda

From Bearing Arms:

On Friday’s Amanpour & Co., fill-in host Sara Sidner devoted a segment to promoting the agenda of a gun control advocate and made no serious effort to challenge her liberal guest’s claims.

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Don’t Use Anti Gun Language

From Ammoland:

There are homemade firearms.  There might even be DIY guns.  But there are no such things as ghost guns.  We don’t use the term “assault weapon” in place of a semi-auto rifle, do we?  No, we quit that nonsense.  We even try to resist “high capacity” for normal magazines, as we know a Glock 17 was designed to house 17 rounds of ammunition in the standard magazine, not 10 or 7 or less.

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Chinese Propaganda Movie Shows USA As The Bad Guy

From National Review:

In Wolf II, China is the only powerful, responsible, and benevolent world power. Chinese workers help Africans build their economy. Chinese doctors work to discover a cure for a deadly endemic. And the film unabashedly takes several swipes at the U.S. When African and Chinese civilians inside a factory are under attack by rebels and mercenaries, the only good American in the movie, Rachel Smith, a Chinese-American volunteer, fanatically tries to contact the U.S. embassy for help. Leng asks her, “Why are you calling the Americans? Where are they? It is a waste of time.” After she tells him that she tried to reach American government by Twitter, Leng responds that “the Americans are good for nothing.”

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Texas Counselor Promoting Communist/Terrorist Propaganda

From The New American:

On June 12, Plano Independent School District (ISD) Counselor Dianne Evans sent an email using her official account that would shock even the most liberal and “progressive” parents. Perhaps most alarming was the “Master List of Black Revolutionary Readings” that literally included a manual on guerrilla warfare by communist mass murderer Ernesto “Che” Guevara, who ironically was a raging anti-black racist.

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Amazon’s Jack Ryan Misses The Boat On Socialism

From FEE:

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Hollywood Propaganda

From John Lott:

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Propaganda and Peer Pressure

From Black Pilled:

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