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Background Checks Aren’t Working

From Bearing Arms:

If background checks were the least bit effective, then maybe expanding background checks might make sense. But they haven’t done a whole hell of a lot.

It doesn’t do a thing to deal with black market guns. It doesn’t prevent the theft of firearms from law-abiding gun owners–you know, the people who passed their background checks in the first place.

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Senator Kaine’s Gun Control Bill

From The Federalist:

Kaine’s proposed law, entitled the “Responsible Transfer of Firearms Act,” places a criminal federal liability on anyone who transfers a firearm to an individual prohibited from possessing one by federal law, according to a fact sheet provided by Kaine’s office. Under current law, only federal firearms licensees (FFLs) are criminally liable if they sell a gun to a prohibited individual. Kaine’s law would extend that criminal liability to private individuals as well.


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Many Vets Are On Gun Ban List


According to Grassley’s office, the VA “reports individuals to the gun ban list if an individual merely needs financial assistance managing VA benefits,” keeping them from exercising their Second Amendment rights. (Bolding is mine)

“The National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) is effectively a national gun ban list and placement on the list precludes the ownership and possession of firearms. According to the Congressional Research Service, as of June 1, 2012, 99.3% of all names reported to the NICS list’s “mental defective” category were provided by the Veterans Administration (VA) even though reporting requirements apply to all federal agencies.

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Oregon Bill Expands Background Checks and Provides For Confiscation

From Breitbart:

The Statesman Journal reports that Prozanski pushed the measure in spite of the testimony against expanded background checks from law enforcement personnel like Grant County Sheriff Glenn Palmer. Palmer cited the the ineffectiveness of background checks to show that the passage of SB 941 is really just a way to get government more heavily involved in regulating the Second Amendment. He called it “borderline treasonous,” and said his sheriff’s department would not enforce it.

Oregon Sheriff says he won’t enforce new law:

Sheriff Daniel, who is the new top cop for Josephine County which shares a border with northern California, told reporters that believes this latest gun control law goes against his county’s charter. He also said his department doesn’t have a sufficient number of deputies to pursue lawbreakers who are committing a frivolous misdemeanor.


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Sen. Toomey (R) Wants Expanded Background Checks On Guns


Sens. Pat Toomey (R-PA) and Joe Manchin (D-WV) have introduced an amendment to expand background checks for gun purchases. It makes it more difficult for millions of private gun owners to sell their firearms, such as at gun shows.

He also wants every person who buys a gun from a gunshow to go through a background check. How would they be able to implement that without registration?

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NICS Checks Up 24.5% for June

According to the National Shooting Sports Foundation’s adjusted figures, NICS checks are up 24.5% from June 2011.

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