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How Will San Francisco Enforce Ban On Homemade Guns?

From San Francisco Chronicle:

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors on Tuesday unanimously voted to outlaw the sale and possession of “ghost gun” kits and parts in the city, marking a key moment in what is emerging as a statewide battle against the untraceable weapons.

The ordinance allows police and the city attorney’s office to go after manufacturers and providers who profit off the sale of ghost gun kits and parts. Officials would be able to build up trafficking cases against them. Each violation or sale of a part would be punishable by a $1,000 fine.

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ATF Targeting 80% Industry

From Ammoland:

Although the detailed discussions of the meeting are unknown at this time, AmmoLand News received leaked emails from our sources that show that the ATF is seeking a new definition of a firearm. Joe Biden has targeted so-called “ghost guns” and semi-automatic rifles and recent days. Sources say he is pushing to accelerate those changes by using the ATF as a stop-gap for stalled federal legislation.

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California AG Sues ATF Over 80% Firearms

From Courthouse News:

Shearer, who is co-counsel in the lawsuit, said state gun laws have been undermined by the ATF’s refusal to treat the parts used to build homemade guns as firearms. This allows “unscrupulous” DIY firearm sellers to flood the gun market.
“The ATF has specifically exempted them from the federal definition of a firearm, meaning federal gun laws don’t apply to them. As a result, people can order and build these guns without passing background check or even verifying their age,” she said. “This has opened the biggest loophole you can imagine in our federal and state gun laws.”

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