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“Ghost Gun” Threat Over Hyped

From Bearing Arms:

So-called “ghost guns” are really just any firearm that’s created without a serial number. Making such weapons isn’t illegal. It’s not even illegal in many places that have supposedly banned these kinds of weapons–mostly because the bans only impact kits and not the act itself. Making a firearm yourself is something that a lot of Americans enjoy.

Yet some people are completely uncomfortable with the idea that someone could build a firearm and not have to get permission from the government to do so.

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How Will San Francisco Enforce Ban On Homemade Guns?

From San Francisco Chronicle:

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors on Tuesday unanimously voted to outlaw the sale and possession of “ghost gun” kits and parts in the city, marking a key moment in what is emerging as a statewide battle against the untraceable weapons.

The ordinance allows police and the city attorney’s office to go after manufacturers and providers who profit off the sale of ghost gun kits and parts. Officials would be able to build up trafficking cases against them. Each violation or sale of a part would be punishable by a $1,000 fine.

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ATF Looking To Change Definition Of Gun

From Breitbart:

According to the Wall Street Journal, the ATF is framing the scenario as an expansion of what can be categorized as a “firearm,” a move that “could subject ghost guns to the same regulations as other firearms.”

The ATF’s April Langwell defended the agency’s look into new regulations for such guns, saying, “ATF routinely meets with our regulated industry participants to discuss matters of mutual concern. One of those meetings is scheduled for this week, and ATF looks forward to continuing this important dialogue.”

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ATF Targeting 80% Industry

From Ammoland:

Although the detailed discussions of the meeting are unknown at this time, AmmoLand News received leaked emails from our sources that show that the ATF is seeking a new definition of a firearm. Joe Biden has targeted so-called “ghost guns” and semi-automatic rifles and recent days. Sources say he is pushing to accelerate those changes by using the ATF as a stop-gap for stalled federal legislation.

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DIY Gun Bans Are Dead On Arrival

From Reason:

The problem with imposing legal restrictions intended to stop a practice that is designed to evade legal restrictions is that you were outflanked before you even started. That’s the challenge for President Joe Biden and lawmakers around the country as they consider limits on “ghost guns”—homemade guns that are created, owned, and used off the government’s radar. Do-it-yourself manufacturing has always hobbled authorities’ ability to control things they don’t like, and the modern ghost gun movement specifically evolved to put personal armaments beyond the reach of the state.

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