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Ammo Company Has $80 Million Backorder

From AZ Family:

Scottsdale-based ammunition company Ammo Incorporated is facing an $80.1 million order backlog amid record demand for ammunition.

“We just bought 2.8 million dollars worth of machinery and equipment last week to increase our production and increase our volume,” Wagenhals said.
According to the National Shooting Sports Foundation, the year has already seen a boom in gun purchases, up 95% in the first half of 2020 compared to the same time period of 2019.

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True Velocity To Revolutionize Ammo Supply Chain

From Ammoland:

True Velocity manufacturing is aimed at reducing inefficiencies in the ammunition supply chain, improving manufacturing safety, and has the capacity to produce as many as 600 million rounds per year from its operations. The cell production technology from True Velocity includes everything from casing manufacturing to loading of ammunition in a physical footprint that requires only 2,500 square feet.

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The Reason For The Ammo Shortage


“There is no product in the country,” said Rick Friedman, who owns RTSP, which operates gun ranges and stores in Randolph and Union. “Until they start producing more and it is hitting the docks, there is just no product to have. It is beyond a dire situation. The country is literally out of ammunition.”

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Why Ammo Makers Aren’t Increasing Production

From Bearing Arms:

They don’t want to get burned like in 2016, when sales surged to record levels only to implode on Election Day. Sales then were driven by fears of gun control fueled by mass shootings, but those fears evaporated with the election of President Trump, a Republican endorsed by the National Rifle Association. Gun sales plunged immediately after his election, resulting in layoffs and sliding stocks for Sturm, Ruger and Smith & Wesson.

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House Passes Bill To Stop DHS Ammo Purchases

From The Hill:

“Given this large purchase, the American people and members of Congress rightfully had concerns and questions,” Meadows said. “This is a responsible amendment which ensures that Congress and the American people are aware of the necessity and the cost of ammunition prior to entering into new contracts for procurement.”

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