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Kentucky Cities Must Allow Government Employees To Carry Guns

From Associated Press:

Kentucky’s local governments cannot prevent their employees from carrying weapons “at all times and places” while on duty, according to a state attorney general’s opinion released Monday.

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Dangers Of Background Checks Exposed By Pandemic


As the COVID-19 pandemic makes its way across the country, Americans are getting an important lesson in the dangers of a placing a prior restraint on the exercise of a constitutional right. The vast increase in those seeking protection in the Second Amendment during this period of uncertainty has caused the FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) and Point of Contact State background check systems to buckle. Worse, some jurisdictions that have criminalized the private transfer of firearms have also shut down access to guns stores or their state criminal background check system. This lethal combination of misguided policies has made it impossible for millions of Americans to acquire, or even borrow or lend, firearms during this moment of crisis.

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