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38 Straight Months Of Over 1 Million Gun Sales

From Bearing Arms:

Americans might not be buying guns at the dizzying pace we saw throughout much of 2020 and 2021, but for the 38th straight month gun sales topped 1-million, according to the latest figures from the National Shooting Sports Foundation.

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States Introduce Bills Requiring No Permit For CCW

From USA Today:

States that have been or are considering bills in current legislative sessions include Colorado, Iowa, Georgia, Kentucky, Maine, New Hampshire, Ohio, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota and Virgina, according to the NRA.

South Dakota could be the fifth state to join the ranks of permit-less carry states. Lawmakers last week passed a measure allowing anyone 18 and older with a valid state driver’s license to carry a concealed weapon, as long as they don’t have a background that would otherwise prohibit them from getting a permit. The bill awaits action from Republican Gov. Dennis Daugaard.

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Cato Report on Defensive Use of Firearms

The Cato Institute just released a study on the defensive use of firearms entitled Tough Targets.

What would be the effect of depriving ordinary, law-abiding citizens from keeping arms for self-defense? One result seems certain: the law-abiding would be at a distinct disadvantage should criminals acquire guns from underground markets. After all, it is simply not possible for police officers to get to every scene where they are urgently needed.

Follow the links to read the full report in HTML or PDF.

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Review: 10mm EAA Witness Compact

George Hill has an excellent and thorough review of this gun over at Human Events.

The one thing that has always bothered me about concealed carry guns is that they are all about compromise. You give up power for smaller size. You give up accuracy for a shorter barrel. You give up everything you really want in a handgun for the ability to have it on you all the time. Maybe I’ve grown cranky. Maybe I’m just fed up. Whatever the source of my feelings, I’m tired of compromises

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