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Sheriff Refuses To Enforce Gun Control

From Bearing Arms:

The county commissioners and Sheriff Duane Burgess stopped short of declaring Johnson County a Second Amendment sanctuary, but declared that county resources would not be used to enforce laws that infringe on gun rights.

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Gun Controller Mayor Blames Indiana For Guns In Chicago

From Bearing Arms:

“The fact that you can cross the border, go into Indiana and purchase military-grade weapons at any number with no background check is a terrible thing, not only for a city but look at the devastation that gun violence is wreaking every single day in our community.”

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Gun Shop Leaving Illinois For Indiana


Lost Creek Trading Post in Marshall, Illinois late last month said they had been told by local officials they had until June 17 to apply for a newly-mandated state-issued license and be certified by July 17. The requirements include a $1,500 fee and a host of new training and regulatory guidelines. Rather than try to jump through the hoops, Lost Creek is pulling stumps for a location across the state lines in Indiana.

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Lawmakers Give Teachers Choice To Be Armed

From WANE News:

The state representative from Seymour said his bill would not require teachers to take handgun training but would allow the school district to tap into state money to pay for that training.

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Sheriff Will Refuse Gun Registration Executive Order

From Fox News:

An Indiana sheriff vowed that he will not enforce any executive actions by President Obama requiring law enforcement officers to begin registering firearms.

Elkhart County Sheriff Bradley D. Rogers made the remarks in a recent panel discussion on local TV station WNIT.

“If President Obama today said, ‘I’m creating an executive order that all sheriffs and police chiefs around this nation need to start registering firearms,’ I will disregard it,” he said.


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Indiana Expands Concealed Carry

From Evansville Courier & Press:

Hoosiers who have permits could take their guns to libraries, public hospitals and city council meetings under a measure the state Senate approved Monday.

“They are your first responder,” Tomes said, referring to those carrying concealed weapons. Senate Bill 292 passed on a 38-12 vote. It now moves to the House.

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