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Judge Says ARs Are Not Firearms In Dissent

From US v. Burning Breast:

The relevant evidence in this case came from one ATF expert witness. His testimony was based on ATF records that traced one serialized part on Burning Breast’s gun: the lower receiver. [..] Given these facts, there are two ways the Government could get a conviction. First, it could have proven that the lower receiver found on Burning Breast’s gun is a “receiver,” and so a “firearm” as a matter of law. 18 U.S.C. § 921(a)(3)(B). Thatwas what the ATF agent repeatedly told the jury, and that was the Government’s theory at trial. [..] There is just one problem: an AR-15’s lower receiver does not meet the Government’s own definition of a “receiver.”

To be a “receiver,” ATF regulations require the part to “provide housing for the hammer, bolt or breechblock, and firing mechanism.” [..] That means an AR-15 lower receiver is not a “firearm,” and the Government’s theory at trial was a non-starter.

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Redemption: Former Felon Saved Arizona Cop

From Phoenix New Times:

Fortunately for DPS Trooper Edward Andersson, whose life hung on the edge before Yoxall showed up on January 12, Yoxall had his gun rights restored in 2003 after he successfully completed probation.

Yoxall has paid back his debt to society — big-time.

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