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Recoil Magazine Removed From Kroger

From Recoil:

We think we put out some of the most kick-ass content in the gun world, so having an Arugula pusher look over our shoulders while we write and design it, didn’t exactly sit well. So when faced with the choice of bowing to the corporate overlords or being left off the shelves, our answer was a full-throated ‘fuck you’. We’d rather take a hit to our bottom line than bend the knee.

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Arrest Warrant For David Gregory Was Denied By D.C. Attorney General

From Judicial Watch:

“The Affidavit in Support of An Arrest Warrant” confirms that D.C. Detective Wayne Gerrish believed there was probable cause that Mr. Gregory had committed a crime and requested an arrest warrant for Gregory.  Despite the detailed request, Andrew Fois, D.C. Deputy Attorney General for Public Safety, declined to the issue the warrant.


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