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Trump Supports Armed Civilians When Police Are Absent

From The Federalist:

Trump could not have been more clear in his press conference on Monday that he wants police to handle all of law enforcement. Every sane person does. But it is just as clear that many Democratic mayors and governors are refusing to allow police to do so.

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NPR Highlights Citizen Defense

From NPR:

As break-ins and fires raged in the first days of mass protests over the killing of yet another black man in an encounter with police, the city seemed to descend into a security vacuum. She says the police disappeared from this neighborhood. That’s when she and others started forming patrols to include people with licensed weapons.
“I’m the one that’s checking everyone,” she says. “If you’re up here with a gun and you’re not supposed to be here and you don’t have a license to carry, then I don’t allow you to even go to the rooftop. Only people with guns are on the rooftop.”

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Fireside Chat From Dennis Prager

From PragerU:

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Writer Complains About Police Tyranny Then Completely Misinterprets Second Amendment

From National Review:

There’s no historical evidence to suggest that the Second Amendment was “created to ensure Southern slaveowners the right to maintain & arm slave patrols to put down insurrections amongst the enslaved,” even if southerners subsequently used guns for their nefarious purposes. As Charles Cooke has noted, “That neo-Nazis are protected by the First Amendment does not indict the First Amendment, just as that criminals are protected by the Fifth does not call that bulwark into general question.”

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Riots And Citizen Defense

From Cam and Company:

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