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SAF Wins Three Court Cases

From The Truth About Guns:

Three victories in three Second Amendment-related cases—two from New York and one from Wisconsin—is good news for gun rights, the Second Amendment Foundation said today.

“This should be tantamount to ‘three strikes and you’re out’,” said SAF founder and Executive Vice President Alan M. Gottlieb. “Gun control took three hard punches and should be down for the count.”

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300,000 Concealed Carry Holders In Wisconsin

From Townhall:

Wisconsin reached a major milestone this week: 300,000 of its residents are licensed to carry a concealed firearm. That’s eight percent of the state’s population. Of course, you have some liberals who feel that this trend is “alarming,” and that it leads to an increase in violent crime–despite the fact that such crime is at its lowest rates in nearly five decades.

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ATF Cracks Down On “Gun Sellers”

From Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

A Wauwatosa man is under federal investigation for selling guns without a proper license, buying more than 500 firearms from an outdoors store and then selling them through a website or at gun shows, according to newly unsealed court documents.

According to the search warrant, the suspect obtained a collector of curio and relics license in 2014 from the ATF. The license allows the sale of guns that are at least 50 years old but does not allow the holder to be a general firearms dealer.

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Wisconsin expected to expand gun owner rights

(Reuters) – “Wisconsin, one of two states in the nation that prohibits citizens from carrying a concealed weapon, is expected to reverse this law during the upcoming state legislative session, according to a local newspaper.

Only Illinois and Wisconsin forbid carrying concealed weapons. A Republican was elected governor and Republicans won majorities in both houses of the Wisconsin legislature in November, bringing many more supporters of gun rights to the state government.

“You’re going to see a concealed carry bill pass the Legislature, I have no doubt,” Chris Danou, a Democratic legislator from Trempealeau, Wisconsin, told the LaCrosse Tribune newspaper. “The question is what kind of bill it’s going to be.”

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US war protesters cry foul over FBI terrorism raids

CHICAGO: Anti-war protesters have claimed their homes and offices were raided by the FBI on Friday in an attempt to silence dissent in the US.

An FBI spokesman confirmed agents searched six locations in Minneapolis and two in Chicago as part of an investigation into ”activities concerning the material support of terrorism”.

Special Agent Steve Warfield of the Minneapolis branch of the FBI declined to confirm who was raided, saying only that the warrants remained sealed. ”There’s no imminent threat to the community,” Warfield said. ”We did not plan on making any arrests and we did not make any arrests.”

Activist Mick Kelly, an organizer of a huge anti-war rally on the opening day of the 2008 Republican National Convention, said the FBI had kicked down his door about 7am on Friday after he had already left for work.

”To me this is harassment of anti-war activists and leaders who have spoken against US intervention in Latin America and the Middle East,” Kelly said. He insisted he had ”absolutely not” been involved in any illegal activities.

”I am angry,” she said. ”I want people to know that the government is targeting people for our ideas.”

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