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Women Flocking To Hunting

From KTVA:

Women have become the fastest-growing hunting demographic in the U.S., and according to the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, it’s a trend that extends to the 49th state, too.

The department says increased interest led to new women-only hunter education classes.

“We’ve found over the years that women sometimes like a more safe environment where they can ask questions,” Ginamaria Smith, the program coordinator for the department’s hunter information and training program. “They don’t have to feel like they might be asking what they would term ‘stupid questions,’ even though they’re not.”

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Taurus Introduces New Carry Pistol For A New Generation

The New SPECTRUM Pistol is a highly customizable .380 pistol.

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Current Trends Of First Time Gun Owners

From The Outdoor Wire:

Today, I was told, “typical” customers may be male or female, but they’re far more likely to be looking for a small concealed carry handgun than a modern sporting rifle or a traditional hunting gun. And that “typical” customer already has a pretty good idea about what they’re shopping for – and that first choice sometimes came a a big shock to the staff members behind the counter.

As a general trend, first-time buyers seem to have baseline knowledge when it comes to potentially suitable products, but are generally lacking any sort of hands-on quality time with firearms. And they were universally looking for sources of quality instruction- a requirement for anyone seeking a North Carolina concealed carry permit.

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Women: How to Choose a Gun

From Julie Golob:

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A Unique Perspective on Gun Salesmen

This guy has some good information on what type of personalities a new shooter will encounter at the gun shop. His main point is don’t be intimidated by your lack on knowledge and after this video you will be able to recognize a “fanboy” from a “gun snob”.

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