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NZ Non-Compliance With Gun Confiscation

From Reason:

As of last week, only around 700 weapons had been turned over. There are an estimated 1.5 million guns—with an unknown number subject to the new prohibition on semiautomatic firearms—in the country overall.

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Maine To Convert Guns To Garden Tools

From Bearing Arms:

Nine police departments in southern Maine will hold “gun give back” events next month during which residents can turn in unwanted firearms that will be used to make gardening tools.

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Surrendering Banned Items Could Place You On A List

From News Target:

In Washington state, for example, people received $150 for every bump stock they turned over to state police. The program attracted a lot of people; violators could face thousands of dollars worth of fines and as many as ten years in prison.
Now, however, their names and other personal information are about to be revealed to the public. Someone has filed a Public Records Act request to obtain the names and addresses of the people who surrendered their bump stocks as part of the program.

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