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Not All Mass Murder Is Equal

From The Truth About Guns:

This op-ed from a week ago is even more relevant now. And the disparity isn’t just between shootings and other forms of mass murder. Look at the difference in media treatment of the Gilroy attack and the Brooklyn shooting that took place just one day before.

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Chicago Mass Murder Stabbing Ignored

From Conservative Tribune:

Five adults and one child were discovered dead inside a Gage Park home on Thursday, all stabbed to death with a knife, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Sadly, this gruesome mass stabbing murder received virtually no national media coverage for one simple reason –the murders were perpetrated with a knife, not a gun.

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The Absurd Trial of Major Hassan

According to Time’s Battleland blog, Major Hassan is refusing to shave his beard as required by military protocol, causing his trial to be delayed. He didn’t have a problem shaving during his service and before he massacred his fellow soldiers.

His defense counsel told the judge the beard is an expression of his religious conviction and should be allowed as such, but Gross has overruled their arguments and ordered Hasan out of the courtroom until he complies with army regulations.

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