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The New Gun Culture

From The Reload:

“Right at the height of all of the craziness is when I bought my first pistol and rifle,” Keys told The Reload. “I didn’t know where all that was gonna go. So I just figured, ‘you know what, let me go to this gun show and just try to pick up a rifle and a pistol before I can’t get it anywhere.’ It was the last gun show before they shut everything down.”

Less than a year later, he’s part of another expanding group: new gun owners who have already turned into activists. He now co-hosts Guns Out TV with Shermichael Singleton, another black gun owner. The pair uses the program to show what black gun ownership in America looks like while being educational and, especially, entertaining.

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Stephen Gutowski Says Gun Control Won’t Go Anywhere In Congress

From C-SPAN:

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Gun Writer Starts New Website: The Reload

From The Washingtonian:

That’s why the Washington Free Beacon reporter is putting his livelihood on the line—his last day at the conservative outlet was Friday. As of today, he’s started the Reload, an independent publication based on the Substack model, where people subscribe directly to his reporting. But Gutowski, who’s a certified firearms instructor and who has been one of the best reporters to follow about the NRA’s turmoil, isn’t leaving the Beacon for Substack. He’s built the Reload himself for a couple thousand bucks—his biggest expense was buying the URL—and living on money he saved during the pandemic while he sees whether readers will follow him as he “explains the politics and the guns,” as he says.

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