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New Explosive Being Tested For the Military

From Wired

Called IMX-101 (which stands for Insensitive Munitions Explosive) the explosive is one successful result of a four-year Pentagon-funded effort that sought to replace TNT — military munitions’ longtime staple. First to go will be M795 artillery projectiles: 1,200 produced with IMX-101 instead of TNT will be delivered to the Army and Marine Corps by 2011.

Defense Talk article

As bad as it sounds war always ends up advancing science.

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Atlantic Signal Tactical Headsets

Atlantic Signal Custom Tactical Headset Systems, Options & Accessories

Atlantic SignalAtlantic Signal and its predecessor, New Eagle, have been in the business of designing and manufacturing tactical communications for L.E. and Military Operators worldwide since 1989.

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The United States must not abandon Iraq?

“Today, Iraq has no functioning government, and violence is on the rise: last month, 535 people were killed, the highest total in two years.

Little wonder, then, that Lieutenant General Babakar Zebari, the head of Iraq’s armed forces, has warned that an American pull-out would be premature, and that his troops will not be in a position to take control of internal security for a decade.”

Ironically, those militant Iraqis who claim to want the US out of Iraq so badly may, by their continued violence, convince the US that we need to stay engaged longer.


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US to end its combat mission in Iraq by the end of this month?

“…the United States is on track to end its combat mission in Iraq by the end of this month, transitioning from a military to a civilian-led effort.

Though Iraq is now grappling with political uncertainty five months after a parliamentary election, and with bomb attacks in Baghdad and other cities, the president and others in his administration are highlighting the coming formal end of the U.S. combat mission.

The president said 90,000 troops will have come home from Iraq by the end of August. He noted the United States is in the process of moving millions of pieces of equipment from Iraq, and continues to close or turn over military bases to Iraqi government troops.”

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Darpa proposal: Death-from-Above — on Demand

“Darpa would like to cut out all [the] middle men. Instead, the Pentagon’s R&D arm wants to build an air strike network with exactly two nodes: the air controller on the ground, and the robotic, heavily-armed airplane in the sky.

Darpa calls the project Persistent Close Air Support, or PCAS. Think of it as death-from-above — on demand.”

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