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2A Sanctuary Movement Across The US

From Ammoland:

Democrats first established cafeteria-style law enforcement with their immigration sanctuary cities. Now, that same issue of local control was used to protect the right of self-defense.
What started in Illinois didn’t stay in Illinois. The second-amendment-sanctuary movement spread over the next few years from Illinois to Colorado, New Mexico, Oregon, Washington, and to Texas. Bloomberg’s takeover of Virginia accelerated the second amendment sanctuary movement. In the three months since last November’s election, 91 of Virginia’s 95 counties passed 2A sanctuary resolutions. Some cities in Virginia did so as well. A few counties established militia that the sheriff could activate in case of emergency.

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Gun Rights Movement Continues Undeterred

From The Washington Examiner:

Rather than an attack on democracy, sanctuary counties are a proper exercise of local democracy. The populations of 86 of Virginia’s 95 counties are in an uproar over the gun control bills, with some members of law enforcement promising to deputize citizens to circumvent the gun control measures. (This will only be effective, however, if the gun control laws have built-in exemptions for law enforcement.)

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How Will Virginia Enforce New Gun Laws?

From Open Source Defense:

A sheriff in a rural county couldn’t enforce this law even if they wanted to. 140,000 armed citizens in noncompliance would account for 1.6% of the entire Virginia population. Best estimates of the Syrian civil war show that even at it’s peak, only 1% to 2% of the nation were active combatants, counting all sides. And the noncompliant gun owners have home turf, and are probably better equipped and better marksmen than many of the folks in Syria. The barrier to enforcement isn’t just ideological, it’s functional.

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Virginia County Goes A Step Further Than Sanctuary

From Bearing Arms:

That answer is “On Dec. 3rd, 2019, our Board of Supervisors chose to exercise some of its rights under the Virginia Constitution to order or regulate militia.  By insuring that our residents have the opportunity (1) to possess certain types of firearms, (2) to educate themselves on their use, (3) to learn common military practices, and (4) to learn basic survival skills, we hope to preserve a group of residents who could form a militia, were such a body needed.  Without these most basic elements our County would not have a group of persons from whom a militia could be drawn.  At the moment, however, the Board has not called any such militia to arms and prays that such moment never occurs.”

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Liberals Angered By Conservative Non-compliance

From The Washington Times:

Some on the left are angry, if not apoplectic, that conservatives are turning the tables on them and co-opting one of their own tactics against liberal policies. But turnabout, as they say, is fair play: Self-styled “progressives,” it seems, aren’t the only ones who can unilaterally decide which laws they will or will not enforce and/or comply with.

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22 Virginia Counties Declare Sanctuary Status Ahead Of New Legislative Session

From The Truth About Guns:

Thus far, with Greensville County joining the movement, 22 Virginia counties have declared themselves 2A sanctuaries with 6 of other counties’ action pending.
Unsurprisingly, the confiscation crowd has seized upon this grassroots effort and grossly mischaracterized it. Even though law-abiding Virginian gun owners have not broken any laws, once again we find ourselves accused of terrible misdeeds.

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Virginia Gun Owners Prepare To Disobey

From MSN:

In the past two weeks, county governments from the central Piedmont to the Appalachian Southwest — Charlotte, Campbell, Carroll, Appomattox, Patrick, Dinwiddie, Pittsylvania, Lee and Giles — have approved resolutions that defy Richmond to come take their guns.

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Sanctuary Idea Is A “Stunt” When Used To Defend Gun Rights

From The Star-Telegram:

The first local outbreak of hysteria was in Hood County. This week, it spread to Parker County, where commissioners approved a resolution declaring the county a “sanctuary” for Second Amendment rights.

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