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The National Firearms Act Primer


Introduced into the 73rd Congress on May 28, 1934, as H.R. 9741 by U.S. Rep. Robert “Bob” Doughton, a North Carolina Democrat, the legislation sailed through Capitol Hill in less than a month. For historical perspective, the country was amid the Great Depression and lawmakers in the same Democrat-controlled Congress also sped the Securities Act, which established the Securities and Exchange Commission, and the National Industrial Recovery Act, which established the Public Works Administration, to the waiting hands of President Franklin Roosevelt for signature. The measure passed both chambers on a voice vote, with no record of which lawmakers approved it.

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Suppressor Ban/Confiscation In U.S. Senate


Sen. Bob Menendez last week announced his plan to introduce what he terms the Help Empower Americans to Respond (HEAR) Act when Congress goes back to work on Monday. His bill would reportedly provide some narrow exceptions for “certain current and former law enforcement personnel” and others while outlawing the more than 1 million currently legal suppressors in the country.

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Silencers Are Legal Shoot

According to The Truth About Guns, the first Silencers Are Legal Shoot was a huge success. Check out their coverage here. The event took place in Dallas and included a huge number of raffles from AAC, Lone Star Medics, ITS Tactical, SWR, Silencer Co. etc.

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Georgia To Allow Silencers For Hunting

From the AP:

Senate Bill 301 was approved by a vote of 48-5. Sen. John Bulloch, the bill’s sponsor, says allowing hunters to use silencers would keep them from disturbing their neighbors, and removing the ban would not create an unfair advantage for hunters. Hunters would still need a federal permit to possess a silencer.

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