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Intuit Continues Assault On Gun Companies

From The Truth About Guns:

Yesterday, I spent time on the phone with Rob Hansel of Lone Wolf Distributors and John Heikkinen of Flint River Armory. The two companies sometimes do business together and recently had a rather large transaction go awry as a result of Intuit QuickBooks’ apparent anti-gun policy. The conversations were both interesting and enlightening, the latter because these issues highlight ongoing business practices with dishonest undertones on the part of Intuit.

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Federal Government To Disclose How Many Guns It Has

From The Hill:

It will be the first time Justice has addressed the topic in six years, and it comes as conservative and libertarian complaints about an excessively gun-happy government have intensified.

The Justice Department’s Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) will undertake this year’s report. It will begin surveying federal agencies about how many of their agents carry guns and have the authority to make arrests in July, according to the author of the 2008 version Brian Reaves.

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Proposed Bill Would Mandate Better Accounting at the Pentagon for Ammunition

From USA Today:

The Pentagon would be required to modernize its accounting system for ammunition under an amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act that passed the House on Thursday.

The amendment, co-sponsored by Democrats Jackie Speier of California and Tammy Duckworth of Illinois, would require an authoritative source of data on the Pentagon’s $70 billion stockpile of conventional ammunition as recommended by the Government Accountability Office.

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