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Gun Ban Could Destroy Canada’s Hunting Tourism

From Bearing Arms:

In Dale Clark’s estimation, the money brought into New Brunswick by non-resident hunters — Americans or others — has never been fully appreciated.

“It is a multi-million dollar industry in the province that is not being recognized by our government, federal or provincial,” said Clark, president of the New Brunswick Professional Outfitters and Guides Association.

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A Slow Economy May Cause Businesses To Be More Acommodating

From The Truth About Guns:

Now, we’re seeing that FedEx is falling on hard times, with their stock tumbling last week (UPS stock took a hit, too). This obviously wasn’t caused by their newly restrictive “ghost gun” policies, as that revenue is a tiny fraction of a rounding error to a company like FedEx. But it does signal a tightening economy and possibly a further downturn that could put all kinds of businesses in a difficult position.

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Chinese Invasion Of American Institutions

From The Federalist:

Numerous pieces have been published discussing the inexorable rise of China, and the likelihood of the Chinese economy overtaking the United States’ economy. More concerning, though, is the fact that Chinese companies closely aligned with Beijing are directly influencing operations in the United States. They are buying up land, influencing news and media networks, and shaping the narratives on college campuses. The Chinese assault is less of a swift invasion and more of an endless infiltration.

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If You Need A Job, The Gun Industry Is Hiring

From Forbes:

Gun companies have been hiring thousands of workers throughout the coronavirus pandemic, riding an unprecedented swell in gun sales and bucking a steep overall decline in manufacturing employment in the U.S.

The publicly traded leaders in the industry said they’ve ramped up hiring during the pandemic to try and meet the record demand for guns and ammunition, which has outstripped the industry’s manufacturing capacity.

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Lockdown Rebellion

From The Wall Street Journal:

The do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do behavior of those imposing these rules isn’t boosting trust in authorities, either, whether it be Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot going out to get her hair done or New York Mayor Bill de Blasio being driven to his gym even as they were imploring everyone else to stay home. On Monday Mark Zuckerberg told George Stephanopoulos on ABC News that Facebook now classifies “a lot of the stuff” protesters are saying as “harmful misinformation”—and that Facebook will “take that down.”

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Facebook Banning Protest Events

From The Independent:

Facebook has said it will allow groups on its platform to organise protests against social distancing, so long as the protesters plan to abide by social distancing rules.
Protests have sprung up across the US in recent days in defiance of lockdown measures aimed at containing the spread of the coronavirus. Many of the demonstrations have been organised through Facebook groups, some of which have in excess of 70,000 members.

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Recognizing the End of the Chinese Economic Miracle

Recognizing the End of the Chinese Economic Miracle is republished with permission of Stratfor.”

By George Friedman

Major shifts underway in the Chinese economy that Stratfor has forecast and discussed for years have now drawn the attention of the mainstream media. Many have asked when China would find itself in an economic crisis, to which we have answered that China has been there for awhile — something not widely recognized outside China, and particularly not in the United States. A crisis can exist before it is recognized. The admission that a crisis exists is a critical moment, because this is when most others start to change their behavior in reaction to the crisis. The question we had been asking was when the Chinese economic crisis would finally become an accepted fact, thus changing the global dynamic.

Last week, the crisis was announced with a flourish. First, The New York Times columnist and Nobel Prize-recipient Paul Krugman penned a piece titled “Hitting China’s Wall.” He wrote, “The signs are now unmistakable: China is in big trouble. We’re not talking about some minor setback along the way, but something more fundamental. The country’s whole way of doing business, the economic system that has driven three decades of incredible growth, has reached its limits. You could say that the Chinese model is about to hit its Great Wall, and the only question now is just how bad the crash will be.” Read the rest of this entry »

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Border factories caught in drug war’s crossfire

By Lynn Brezosky – San Antonio Express-News

McALLEN, TX — The head of an association of border factory owners Thursday said the sector is in crisis mode as unrelenting drug violence in northern Mexico has spooked investors into curtailing operations at some plants and rethinking expansion at others.

“In February, there was a total loss of civil control in Reynosa and it’s never been re-established,” said Dan McGrew, president of the Reynosa Association of Maquiladoras and Manufacturers. “We’re in the worst of all worlds.”

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