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Immigrant On Second Amendment

From The Truth About Guns:

I grew up thinking that the world is fair and if I don’t harm anyone, I wouldn’t be harmed. That worked out great for a while until the day that it didn’t, and I quickly realized that there are physically bigger people who do not always have the nicest of intentions.

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Guns And Civic Virtue


Owning and shooting a gun promotes self-reliance, personal responsibility, and community. Whenever I go to a gun range, I see parents teaching their young children how to shoot, men instructing their significant others, and people of all colors and ethnicities enjoying themselves. Nervous skeptics usually end up leaving with a big smile on their faces.

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Jamaican Immigrant and Open Carry Supporter

From The Truth About Guns:

I was born in Jamaica and I came to Texas in 2002. I chose to come here because of the gun laws. I believe in the right to protect yourself: if you’re legally able to carry a firearm, you should do so. A lot more people would be alive today if they could exercise their Second Amendment rights, and I firmly believe that we should do that, as long as we’re legally able.

Also, when I was growing up, I used to watch TV, and I saw a lot of ‘cowboy and Indian’ movies about Texas. I really wanted to come here! So, when I had a choice to go to school in Florida, California, or Texas, there was no question.

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Immigrant Tells Other Immigrants In Chicago To Get Armed

From Al Jazeera:

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